Breaking Point Fitness and CrossFit S.P.E.E.D in North Lakes

Breaking Point Fitness and CrossFit S.P.E.E.D in North Lakes

Located on Brisbane's north side is your multi-award winning health and fitness destination.  Our dedicated Training Centre and Gym has the most unique equipment that you will not find in any other gym or centre, and that's a fact!

We run the worldwide phenomenon's CrossFit and Caveman Training, along with  Boot Camps, and Personal Training.  Added to this are classes in Hells Playground.  Plus 80 hours a week of open gym training.

If you are new to these forms of training do not let the names intimidate you.  The community, support and motivation provided at Breaking Point is second to none and classes are tailored to ALL fitness levels.

The below information summarises our options and should cover most of what you need to know to get started.

# At Breaking Point Fitness we have NO Joining Fees and NO Hidden expenses!! #


# Active Member-Run Social Club  #

# FREE Kids Club #

The Ultimate Training Package

The Ultimate Training Package includes all our Group Training sessions, so that is access to all CrossFit sessions, all Caveman Training sessions, all Boot Camps, Hells Playground  PLUS Open Warehouse/Gym, where you can train yourself - just like a gym but very cool and fun equipment.  You have complete flexibility to mix and match between as many and whichever of the sessions as you like!


Open Warehouse / Gym Packages ONLY

Our Training Centre and Gym is over 700 square metres of hard work, sweat, pain and more importantly, fun!  It is filled with equipment and training tools that you will not and cannot find in any other gym or centre anywhere around here! That's a fact!

The Training Centre will be open for our members to train themselves in an Open Warehouse training environment.  You will have full access to everything in the centre, and will have a staff member on the floor at all times in case you need help or ideas.


Personal Training

Personal Training is a fantastic way to reach and maintain your personal health and fitness goals, fast! You can train one on one, or with a friend.

Our highly above industry standard personal trainers will develop a training schedule to suit your goals, and you will receive extra training advice to complete at home if required.  

You do not need to be a member of Breaking Point to train here at the Centre with our Personal Trainers... call us TODAY to discuss your specific requirements further.


Breaking Point Fitness Timetable 



Breaking Point Fitness and CrossFit S.P.E.E.D in North Lakes.  Extensively and fully equipped gym and open box.  No joining fee's and no hidden expenses makes us the best value for money training facility on the Northside of Brisbane.  Group fitness classes consist of CrossFit, Caveman Training, Boot Camps, Hells Playground and Open Gym to train yourself.  Highly and above industry standard personal trainers and coaches. Gym provides an excellent facility for personal trainers and clients.