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Each week Breaking Point trains over 400 clients, who are enjoying fantastic results. These people have the fortune of getting attention from a trainer every time they exercise, but what about those of you who train at home alone or at the gym. How do you know if you’re maximising your training sessions? 

The first key ingredient to seeing fast results with your home gym or gym membership is to have enough variety in your training so that your body is constantly being ‘shocked’ and forced to adapt. 

Everyone always hurts for days after their first couple of training sessions, and although unpleasant at the time, it is somewhat satisfying to know that you have worked so hard that you ache all over. But as the weeks go on, the exercises get easier and your body adapts, and your body goes into cruise mode. That complimentary program you had written for you when you joined the gym simply won’t do it for you anymore. 

What you need is a program that never fails to ‘shock’ your body. This will ensure you are constantly working hard through a session, burning maximum calories and gaining maximum strength. 

There are hundreds of exercises that can be done in your home or at the gym. Some of which should be performed to make you bigger and stronger (low reps with heavy weights), some to strengthen joints and bones and increase muscular endurance (high repetitions with lighter weights), some for cardio fitness, and others to increase your lactate tolerance (drop sets and super sets) so you can train longer and harder. 

All of these training techniques should be added into your training schedule to ensure you are getting the most out of your body, and most importantly, seeing you reach your goals quickly. 

If you are serious about setting your goals and reaching them quickly, get yourself a program that consists of a minimum of 9 different training sessions for your muscles over a 3 week period. A program like this will cover cardio fitness, strength training, lactate tolerance, core building and muscular endurance, all key ingredients for your success. 

The fact that you only repeat the same session every 3 weeks means it will take months for your body to adapt. And remember, shocking your body each time you exercise means fast tracked results. 

So don’t get caught in the same old boring exercise routines that lead on a long road to nowhere. Keep yourself motivated and challenged with a training program that keeps your body guessing! 


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