FAQ's for Breaking Point Fitness and CrossFit S.P.E.E.D in North Lakes

What is the difference between joining a Gym and joining Breaking Point Fitness?

The personal touch! Breaking Point is privately owned and the owner (Darren) is at the classes and the training centre almost every day. We know you by name and we take the time to get to know about you. Our memberships are capped, so you are not just another number - you are part of our 'family'. We are all about training hard and becoming fitter, stronger and healthier individuals in general. We will motivate you and bring the best out of you - that is why we are here!


Are the sessions tailored for all fitness levels?

Asolutely! No matter what level of fitness and what walk of life, our sessions are 100% suitable for everybody.


I am really unfit and havent done any form of exercise for quite a while... will I look silly?

No you will not. Everyone has to start somewhere and we are here to guide you and develop your fitness. You will find that all of the Breaking Point team and members very encouraging and supportive.


I have an injury that will stop me from doing some movements or particular exercises, what are my options?

It's always best to discuss this with Darren (or any other trainer) first, but typically we can work with most injuries by modifying certain exercises and programs to suit you.


Do you have casual membership options?

All casual visits for Open Warehouse or any classes are $20 which can be paid at the time you are attending.


Do you offer free trial sessions?

We do not offer free trial sessions, although you are more than welcome to come along to any Breaking Point session and pay a one off casual visit of $20, or alternatively if you are interested in trying a few classes you may like to do a $40 casual week membership before deciding to join.


Will you yell at me like they do in shows like the biggest loser commando sessions?

We don't need to yell or intimidate to get the best results for our clients. We have won multiple awards based on our incredible programs, our knowledge of health and fitness, our awesome value for money and most importantly, the satisfaction of our members. You will reach your goals through participating in quality programs run by true professionals, not through being yelled at.


Can I combine Personal Training and membership?

Many members combine their membership with a Personal Training session each week to focus on particular goals or 'problem areas'. Payment for Personal Training is given directly to the trainer, rather than being added to your membership fees.  Unlike many other gyms you do not need to be a member of Breaking Point to train with one of our personal trainers here at the Centre.


Will I get big shoulders doing CrossFit (one for the ladies)

CrossFit training will not give you big manly muscles, you will however get strong and fit, lose weight and achieve great tone.  Targeted weight training (especially for females) is what develops big shoulders.


Membership Options

We have both yearly and no contract membership options available, you are welcome to commence on a no contract membership to begin with and then decide at a later date if you wish to move to contracted yearly membership *Conditions Apply  


Breaking Point Fitness and CrossFit S.P.E.E.D in North Lakes.  Extensively and fully equipped gym and open box.  No joining fee's and no hidden expenses makes us the best value for money training facility on the Northside of Brisbane.  Group fitness classes consist of CrossFit, Caveman Training, Boot Camps, Hells Playground and Open Gym to train yourself.  Highly and above industry standard personal trainers and coaches. Gym provides an excellent facility for personal trainers and clients.